Garage Sale Permits

Individuals holding garage sales will need to obtain a permit with the City of Eufaula.  The permit is $25.00 with a $20.00 refund when signs are picked up.  The City of Eufaula has sign ordinances within City limits.  City of Eufaula is required to enforce State of Oklahoma sign regulations along all State highways that are within City limits.  This includes Main Street,  Highway 9 E and 9 W.  No signs can be placed within the easements of any State of Oklahoma Highway.  There can be no signs placed on utility poles, public right of way, or street signs.  Please check the ordinances online, or with City Hall before placing any signs.  Signs in violation will be removed by Code Enforcement Officer.  Any sign not removed within 2 days will forfeit the full amount of the permit amount.

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